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Q: Can I get a Medicare rebate when I see a psychologist?

A: Yes. With a valid referral from your general practitioner, paediatrician or psychiatrist, you may be eligible for up to 10 consultations with a Medicare rebate per calendar year under the Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).

There is a different referral for eating disorder patients only – please see “About the Eating Disorder Treatment Pathway (EDTP)” below. 

Q: How do I get a referral for a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)?

A: To access a medicare rebate under a MHCP referral, please arrange for a referral from your GP and bring a copy of the referral in for our records. Your GP will determine if you meet the relevant criteria for these referrals.

Q: Does the medicare rebate cover the cost of my appointment?

A: No. There is an out of pocket expense (amount of out of pocket expense depends on the fee structure of the practitioner you book in with). You will be required to pay for the whole cost of the appointment up-front and then you will receive a rebate from medicare a few days later.

Q: How much is the medicare rebate per session?

For a Psychologist Session
With a valid MHCP or EDTP referral, you receive a medicare rebate of $87.45
(or $128.40 if you are seeing a clinical psychologist).

For a Dietetic Session
With a valid EPC or EDTP referral, you receive a medicare rebate of $54.60

If you reach the Medicare Threshold in a calendar year, the Medicare Rebate automatically increases to 85% of the Consultation Fee.

Q: Can you lodge a medicare claim for me?

A: Yes. We can lodge the claim on your behalf with medicare online. The rebate usually enters your bank account within 2 business days.

Private Health Insurance

Q: Can you lodge a private health claim for me?

A: No. Please deal directly with your private health provider to arrange rebates.

Q: Does my private health insurance cover your fees?

A: As all private health providers have different structures and allowances please speak with your private health provider to understand your policy. They will help you understand the cover you will receive for each service.

Q: Can I make a claim for a rebate with both my private health provider and medicare?

A: No. If you make a claim with your private health provider, the invoice is no longer medicare eligible (and vice versa).

About the Eating Disorder Treatment Pathway (EDTP)

(For eating disorder patients only)

Q: Is there a special referral for patients with an eating disorder?

A: The Federal Government has commenced a new medicare funding model for eating disorder treatment as of the 1st November 2019.

Over a 12 month period, under an Eating Disorder Treatment Pathway (EDTP) referral, eligible eating disorder patients will receive up to:

– 20 dietetic (EDTP) services (dietetic rebate – $54.60 per session) and
– 40 eating disorder psychological treatment (EDTP) services (registered psychologist rebate = $87.45 per session – this is more with a clinical psychologist)

Q: What are the criteria to get an Eating Disorder Treatment Pathway (EDTP)?

A: There are specific criteria to qualify for an EDTP. Please contact our office or speak to your GP to help you understand this better.

About The Fees

Our practitioners have different fee structures, sessions with a psychologist range between $180-$220. Please see practitioner bio’s for their fees.

Q: Do you bulk-bill?

A: No. We do not provide bulk billing.


Q: Where are you?

A: We are on Level 1, Suite 109, 460 Pacific Hwy St Leonards. The entrance to our building is next door to the post office. Please see our map here.